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    The observation deck Dachstein Sky Walk

    • Schildlehen, Austria
    • The observation deck Dachstein Sky Walk$$
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      This observation deck is the best place where you can enjoy spectacular views of the Alps. Dachstein Sky Walk is on top of the cable car station, on one of the mountain peaks. The observation deck is built almost trehsotmetrovoy cliff and is on two thousand seven hundred meters above sea level. In this case, Dachstein Sky Walk is designed so that people climb it have an unobstructed view of all four parts of the world.

      Place, on which stands the Dachstein Sky Walk, so well that it can be seen even the territory of other states - Slovenia, when you look at a piece of the south and the Czech Republic when you look to the north. Golf is not closed by the mountain wind gusts, and it allows even deeper plunge into magical alpine atmosphere. And so many memorable photographs II will bring with him from this beautiful place!

      No exaggeration to say that a visit Dachstein Sky Walk - is enthusiastic impression for years to come and the desire to once again plunge into the unique atmosphere of open mountains.

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