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    St. Stephen's Cathedral

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    St Stephen's Cathedral a symbol of Vienna It is much out of the general architectural image of the city becoming etimesche more mysterious Construction of the future monument to the Austrian late Gothic began in 1137 but the fire caused damage

    Restaurant Steirereck

    Restaurant Steirereck one of the best restaurants in the world and the most famous in Austria Steirereck is located in the heart of Vienna in the territory of the city park The restaurant is a historic building in the style of Austrian Baroque Huge

    Vienna State Opera

    Vienna State Opera without any doubt you can call the main attraction of Austria and the music capital of the world You can not get into the spirit of Vienna without visiting Vienna State Opera musical heart of Austria and one of its main


    Macocha which got its name from the legend of the 17th century was formed as a result of the collapse of the ceiling a large cave According to legend here stepmother (Czech Macoha) pushed her stepson But guilt stepmother forced to rush after him

    Catacombs Jihlava

    Jihlava city founded by German colonists in the thirteenth century in the Middle Ages There the city its secrets and mysteries the source of which is the Jihlava catacombs One version claims that they have arisen during the development of the silver

    Chateau Lednice

    The world famous castle Lednitssky allegedly stole a book pages from some fairy tale into reality to capture the imagination of the most inveterate dreamer The castle dates back to the mid 12th century and during the whole time  mutated Last

    Moravian Karst

    Moravian Karst a famous karst array length of 25 kilometers Tourists come here from all over the world to walk through the underground maze to sail in small boats on the underground river Punkva and on their eyes to see 18 species of bats   that

    Vienna Museum of Modern Art

    The creation of the Museum of Modern Art in Vienna in the 60s of the 20th century by young mastatstvaznaўtsu Werner Hofmann Hoffman suggested that the original concept of the museum on the assumption that art is perceived by them as a complex

    Hundertwasser House

    House Hundertvasera is the embodiment of the idea of ​​building ordinary municipal buildings atypical way The architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser believed that house like people need to have their own characteristics and not be similar to each

    Zoo Shёnburn

    Schönbrunn Zoo the oldest in the world He traces its origins to 1752 the year when at Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna was built imperial menagerie By the way there was a zoo there since 1570 but only in the late 17th century he opened the door to the
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